M&D Manager (Plant Engineer)

Job Description
Responsible to lead a team of engineers and tech specialists in providing remote plant performance and condition monitoring and support (M&S) services to clients/customers utilizing Scientech's FAMOS application tools.
Work with a team in applying advanced monitoring techniques and in implementing analytical applications mostly for power plant equipment.
Be an integral part of the working group by assisting in the FAMOS model development and usage participating in the interpretation of the results, and managing daily M&S center activities.
Provide direct interaction with clients in related project activities by reporting and communicating anomalies and by assisting in the diagnosis of equipment issues.
Perform equipment assessments and anomaly troubleshooting.
Interact with internal project teams and with client project activities.
Conduct client site visits as required in support of project activities.
Minimum Qualifications
Requires Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent, and a minimum of 5 years of plant experience.
Electric utility experience is preferred.
Proficient knowledge of rotating equipment engineering, troubleshooting, operations, and/or maintenance processes.
Proficient knowledge of thermal performance and condition assessment calculations and monitoring activities.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Familiarity and proficiency in various office applications including Word, Excel, Access, & Outlook.
Ability to work in a team environment.
Desire to learn and improve.
Email: kgillespie@curtisswright.com
Apply via homepage at http://scientech.cwfc.com/
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